Meet Our Team


Our co-directors serve as the leaders of Catalyst Conference, managing the overall team and coordinating the logistics behind the conference. This includes leading weekly general body meetings and weekly executive board meetings, as well as establishing goals for each committee. Additionally, co-directors engage the team in various trainings to ensure that our counselors are well-equipped to facilitate activities, workshops, and discussions during the conference.

H’Abigail Mlo (left) and Jalen Carver (right)


Our organization is divided into five committees, which are led by at least two co-chairs who serve on the executive board of Catalyst. These committees are assigned various tasks, with each member playing a unique role in order to execute a successful conference.

Bed and Breakfast

B&B secures housing and food for participants by outreaching to the campus community and local Chapel Hill businesses. Members are responsible for ensuring that all students are housed safely, according to Catalyst guidelines and UNC protocol. B&B provides three meals a day and snacks that are delicious and accommodating to our participants’ dietary needs.


Connections manages Catalyst’s marketing, media, and outreach. This includes ensuring that our website, social media, and newsletter are up-to-date and inviting. They are also in charge of the merchandise and other materials that engage Catalyst with UNC’s student body and beyond.


Entertainment coordinates the conference’s UNC student showcase, banquet, and other fun activities. They are also responsible for facilitating icebreakers for students upon their arrival. Additionally, they plan regular “Catalyst Cohesion” events for counselors to take a break from studying and conference planning with an engaging bonding activity.

Fundraising and Finances

F&F manages the budget and organizes fundraising efforts to cover conference expenses and participant scholarships. These efforts include partnering with local businesses for benefit nights, pit-sitting, and online fundraising campaigns.


Workshops designs the curriculum for our conference. In doing so, their goal is to engage the participants in interactive activities, workshops, and discussions covering a wide range of topics from immigration to climate change. As a whole, Catalyst aims to provide a safe space for our participants where they can share their personal experiences and opinions and learn from a diverse group of counselors and participants.