Applying and Registering

Why should I apply to Catalyst Conference?

Catalyst provides a unique space to connect with a diversity of peers and college student mentors from all over the state through the engagement with critical issues affecting our society today. Young activism and leadership is important now more than ever and Catalyst can help provide the tools you need to become an impactful change-maker.

What type of student are you looking for?

We have no ideal student in mind. If you’re open-minded and willing to engage with new people and ideas for a weekend, we would be happy to have you. As such, we welcome all backgrounds, experiences, and opinions. We are open to high school students of all grades.

When will I receive a decision about my application?

Our decisions will be released in early January via email. We invite you to follow us on social media for live updates.

Is financial aid available for the registration fee?

Yes! It is important to us that all students who are accepted to the conference are able to attend, so we will work to ensure financial aid is made available for you. A separate financial aid application will be sent to you after acceptance decisions have been announced if requested around mid-January. If you have any questions, email the co-directors at unccatalyst@gmail.com with the subject line “Financial Aid.”

I already sent my registration fee, but can no longer attend Catalyst Conference. Can I have a refund?

Unfortunately, we cannot process refunds once payment has been sent and collected as this serves as confirmation for the conference regardless of attendance for the student. We encourage you to consider future events and priorities before completing the registration forms, sending your payment, and even applying to Catalyst Conference.

Attending Conference

Where do I go?

Students will be dropped off and picked up behind the UNC Campus Y, located near Memorial Hall, Gerrard Hall and South Building. The Y is just off of South Road, and there will be staff assisting parents during drop off and pick up times. To create less-hassle for those driving, parking directions and infographics will be created and posted soon!

Where will I be staying?

Students will have the opportunity to meet and get to know service-oriented college students through on-campus housing during the Conference. Small groups of students are paired with service scholars who live on campus at UNC.  These scholars have volunteered to house the students during the weekend of the conference.

What is open mic?

Open mic provides participants with the space to express themselves. Students are not obligated to participate in this event, but the floor will be open. If you want to participate, please bring any necessary props or instruments, but please note you will have to carry them with you for most of Saturday.

What do you mean by “banquet clothes”?

The banquet is a catered dinner, so we ask that you dress accordingly. For example, an appropriate outfit may include black or khaki dress pants with a collared, tucked-in shirt; a skirt and blouse; a dress; etc.

How much do I pack?

We encourage students to pack lightly. There is no  guarantee students will be housed close to the Campus Y. Some dorms are an upwards of a twenty minute walk. A small duffel bag and sleeping bag will suffice. Please bring comfortable clothes and shoes that are appropriate for the weather and traveling the campus.

Do I need to bring money with me?

Other than the registration fee (which covers housing, meals, a T-shirt, and informational materials), students should not have to spend any money at the conference.  If students intend to purchase UNC souvenirs or snacks from vending machines, they should bring additional money.

When is check in/check out?

Check in is from 3:30-5:00pm Friday afternoon at the Campus Y. Check out is from 1:00-2:00pm Sunday afternoon at the Campus Y.

Contact and Donate

How do I contact Catalyst Conference?

Please email the co-directors at unccatalyst@gmail.com. You can also utilize our website’s contact page, or mail directly to our box at the Campus Y.

Attn: Catalyst Conference
180A E. Cameron Avenue
YMCA Building University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill NC 27599-5115

Can I donate?

We would be honored to have your support to continue serving other high school students! Please donate using this link, or mail donations directly to our box at the Campus Y.

Attn: Catalyst Conference
180A E. Cameron Avenue
YMCA Building University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill NC 27599-5115